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Piazza Brescia

In summer it depends on the wind. With the Bora a shorty or heatseeker is recommended, otherwise boardshorts and a polypro lycra can be sufficient. In winter it can snow: drysuit, gloves, boots and hood.
Not famous for wind but from year to year can be very different, no regular pattern. Usually spring and autumn have stronger winds more often but sometimes you can have really good days in mid August. The Bora can hit with 30-40 knots.
The best moments to come to Piazza Brescia, Italy are March, April, May, September, October and November .

Beach and Tide Conditions

Kitesurfing conditions do not depend on Tide on this spot.
Piazza Brescia, Italy is a Shallow, Chop, Small waves and Medium waves spot.
The launching/landing area is reported to be of Medium size.
15 km of wide beach with soft golden sand. Wooden piers at regular 60-80m intervals. At low tide you can start outside the piers. During summer season (May 15 to September 15) beaches can be crowded and kiting only permitted through authorized channels and kite launching area in front of Piazza Brescia with wet-bike assistance.
Flat to max 3m waves, sometimes well formed with Bora or Libeccio, with Scirocco very choppy. Tide hub max. 1m, usually no problem. After a day of Bora quite a strong current.

Need to know

Careful about the other beach users, especially in June, July and August .
When you are on water, be careful of Currents and Wavebreakers .

Beach risk reported: None .
Please respect local rules when you are on the spot. Talk to a local before you go on water.
There are riding zones on the spot, be sure you respect them.

Hourly Forecast 8 days
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