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Beruwala Bentota

Bentota Surf Location is one of the first tourism establishments in the country. It is ideally located in a land strip, walled by the river on one side, and the ocean on the other. Bentota is the unofficial water sports capital of Sri Lanka due to the myriad of water sports facilities available such as wind surfing, kite surfing, motor based water sports, etc. While wind surfing is the most prominent, kite surfing and motor based water sports are very much practiced here through out the year along the river and in the ocean. Surfing is rather new to Bentota due to the lack of quality and number of surf breaks around the area. The surf point in Bentota is also known as GD’s. There could be occasional rips around the sea.

Bentota Surf Location Facts and Figures

Surf spot quality

Wave quality – Poor
Experience – Beginners
Frequency – Low


Distance – 2.25 hrs from the main airport
Public access – Yes


Type – Beach break

Direction – Right & Left
Bottom – Sand
Power – Low
Good day length – 100m


Rock – No
Urchins – No
Localism – No


Hourly Forecast 8 days
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