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Arugam bay Elephant Rock

Point destro su sabbia, con un bel take off che puo' creare alcuni tubi in partenza e il resto dell'onda molto morbida. A parte la prima sezione, consigliata a surfisti esperti, il resto dell'onda e' adatto a tutti i livelli.

Elephant Rock can be very technical when it’s working. The right hand wave breaks just off the rocks and often sucks into a barrel. On the outside, however, the wave mellows out as it opens into the bay. Only a deep take off presents any danger; otherwise mostly sandy and cruisy; between 2ft – 6ft.

Level : This spot is another favourite for beginners and surf schools as a result of the sandy bar and the shallow waters from which to assist. More advanced surfers will certainly enjoy the deeper, more technical drop into this wave.

What else : 10 minutes by tuk-tuk through farm land and jungle. Scenic; a sunset spot.

A proposito di: Ampara (Eastern province)

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