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Miyazaki prefecture borders the Hyuga Nada Sea, where many people from all over Japan enjoy marine sports. In the northern part of the prefecture, Kanegahama beach and Okuragahama beach in Hyuga city are famous surfing spots. Kanegahama beach has been the location in recent years of the All Japan Dental College Surfing Tournament. Okuragahama beach was selected as one of Japan’s 100 best beaches and has beautiful white sand. On Kaguchihama beach in Takanabe town, the Takanabe Open Surfing Contest is held in July and the All Kyushu Student Surfing Tournament in the middle of November. The Town Surfing Centre, which is the only surfing centre with accommodation in the prefecture, is at Ikurahama beach in Kawaminami town. The centre is always fully booked at weekends. In the southern part of the prefecture, Koigaura beach in Kushima city is the only surfing spot. It is a beautiful sandy beach 

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