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Chubbies (aka Crystals or Malibu Right) is generally a short and shifty right hand wave situated alongside a tiny deserted island in the Playgrounds area of the Northern Mentawai Islands. Surrounded by crystal clear water, this sand covered island features a single standing palm tree making it look like something straight out of a movie. 

What kind of wave is Chubbies?

Chubbies breaks on the northern edge of a tiny deserted island called Pulau Penanggalansigoiso. Barely large enough to host a lonely palm tree, this island is surrounded by a shelf of live coral reef forcing the swell to bend around to the northern side of the island before it begins to break. Chubbies provides fun rippable waves and in ideal but infrequent conditions a long right shoulder as it curves around the reef. As you guessed by the range of nicknames this surf break holds, it’s an ideal spot for surfers of all abilities and a bit of logging.  

Wave type:

Reef break.

Wave difficulty:

Beginners upwards.

What way does the wave break:


Sea bottom:

Live coral reef.



Not necessary.

Surfboard type:

Longboard to shortboard.

Crowd factor:

Some crowds.



Best swell direction:


Best wind direction:


What tide does it work best on:

All tides.

Best tide movement for surfing:

All tides.


How consistent is the surf:

Semi consistent.

Best time of year for waves:

March – October.

What is the vibe like in the lineup:


What other names does Chubbies go by?

Crystals or Malibu Right.

Paddling out at Chubbies:

Chubbies is a beginner’s friendly wave accessible only by boat. Stick to the channel on your paddle back out in between sets and you’ll be fine. 


Where is Chubbies surf spot?

Chubbies is located off the northern edge of a deserted stretch of sand which is a 5 minute boat ride from Karangmajat Island home to famous waves Kandui and Rifles.

How to get to Chubbies?

Get yourself to the Northern Mentawai Islands via the fast ferry or overnight ferry. Then from your accommodation, you will be able to travel to Chubbies surf spot by boat when it is on.

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