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Masokut Island Nipussi

Nipussi surf spot is a swell magnet just like its big brother ‘Bank Vaults’ further up the reef, making it one of the most consistent surf breaks in the Northern Mentawai Islands. Nipussi a.k.a. Pussies sits in a pocket of Masokut Island sheltered from the wind. When the wind goes North, and everything else is blown out, Nipussi is offshore and ready to rip. Super fun on any size swell and wind, you can bet on set after set of wide peaks that run down the reef producing high-performance right-hand walls of water. 

Nipussi sits in an unusual wind shadow and tends to hold its shape when other breaks in the area are blown out. A consistent right-hand reef break, Nipussi offers intermediate surfers a chance to taste the far end of Bank Vault’s expert-only terrain as it is situated further down the island’s coastline. It has a tendency to get crowded under a strong North Wind. A few peaks along the reef offer steep drops, and you can expect the occasional barrel on the inside under perfect conditions. Great for experienced surfers not quite ready to paddle out in the surrounding gnarliness.

Wave type:

Reef break.

Wave difficulty:

Intermediate upwards.

What way does the wave break:


Sea bottom:

Coral reef.



Not necessary.

Surfboard type:


Crowd factor:

Rare crowds.



Best swell direction:


Best wind direction:


What tide does it work best on:

All tides.

Best tide movement for surfing:

All tides.


How consistent is the surf:

Super consistent.

Best time of year for waves:

Year round.

What is the vibe like in the lineup:


What other names does Nipussi go by?

Nipussi is also commonly spelt Nypussy.

Paddling out at Nipussi:

Nipussi is a quick and easy paddle out from M.I.A Surf camp on the southern tip of Mosakut Island. Just be careful of the jagged reef entering and exiting the water in particular. Otherwise, you’ll have to stick to easy boat access.


Where is Nipussi surf spot?

Nipussi surf break is located on the Southern side of Mosakut Island, also commonly known as Nyang-Nyang Island, next to the ‘Playgrounds’ area of the Northern Mentawai Islands.

How to get to Nipussi?

No matter where you are travelling to in the Mentawai Islands you first have to get yourself to Padang in Sumatra. From here you travel by boat out to one of the three main hubs of the Mentawais. In this case, ‘Siberut’ if your final destination is going to be a land-based camp in the Northern Mentawais. From Siberut your accommodation provider will pick you up, take you further out to the remote islands of the Northern Mentawais and get you settled into your accommodation. Whether you are staying on Mosakut Island or not, you will most commonly be accessing Nipussi by boat.


Surfare alle Mentawaiis significa intraprendere un viaggio fantastico che ti porter� a surfare moltissimi breaks differenti. Alle Mentawis troverai sinistre e destre. Sono isole uniche e il surf alle Mentawis, detto anche surf alle Mentawais, � tra i pi� consistenti al mondo. I surf trips alle Mentawais sono possibili durante tutto l�anno. La loro posizione geografica fa s� che le Mentawais siano una tra le migliori destinazioni per i surf trips. Surfare alle Mentawais significa prendere alcune delle migliori onde al mondo, in un�atmosfera unica. Spiagge bellissime, acqua chiara e cristallina, e un affascinante mondo sottomarino.

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Padang una citt dell'Indonesia, capoluogo e centro pi popoloso della provincia di Sumatra Occidentale, in Indonesia. Ha una superficie di 694,96 km. I suoi abitanti (757.600 nel 2000) parlano per lo pi la lingua minangkabau. Il 30 settembre 2009 la citt stata colpita duramente da un sisma che ha parzialmente distrutto diversi edifici ed infrastrutture.

Sumatera Barat

Sumatra Occidentale (in indonesiano Sumatra Barat) è una provincia dell'Indonesia, che comprende la parte occidentale dell'isola di Sumatra e le Isole Mentawai. Nella provincia sono più di 4 milioni di abitanti. La capitale della provincia è Padang.

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