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Praia do Amado

Lo spot si trova appena a Sud del villaggio di Carrapateira.
• Offre onde molto consistenti.
• Parzialmente riparato dal vento da Nord.
• Il picco migliore si sviluppa di fronte ad una grande roccia al centro della baia (e della spiaggia).
• Diversi picchi sparsi non molto affollati si formano nella parte più  a Sud della spiaggia.

Beachbreak lefts/rights - winds from east are offshore - waves small/medium - some rocks - all levels. These information contain statistic value only and are not intended to be interpreted for all sea conditions

The go-to place for alot of surfers, this long beach break is perfect for all levels of surfers. Because of this it's subject to heavy crowds. Here you'll find a real variety of waves, from punchy over-head walls to cruisy, mellow breaks. This beach has something for everybody.  With cafés over-looking the beach, enjoy Amado's world famous hotdogs after a long day of surfing.  

One of Portugal’s best surfing spots due to its strong currents and steep waves, Amado beach regularly hosts international competitions and is very popular during the summertime. It is easy to access and offers a lot of parking space, perfect if travelling by caravan or if you intend to spend the day sunbathing or going for a swim in its clear waters.

Praia do Amado has several Surf Schools and many surfers of all nationalities during the summer. Wave quality varies considerably according to the deposition of sand and the quality of the sea bottom. Generally very consistent with right and lefthanders. The peaks nearer the car park have a larger crowd. To reach the beach take the dirt track along the sea from Bordeira beach.

Informazioni extra

Praia do Amado is a fantastic open beach and also very popular in the summer. This surf spot offers great waves, lefts and rights everywhere and works well through the tide, but low.


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