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Praia do Cordoama

Spiaggia piuttosto isolata e tranquilla.
• Una altissima scogliera la ripara dal vento.
• Onde molto molto buone con parecchi picchi.
• Lavora molto bene in estate con le piccole mareggiate.
• Soffre i venti da Nord e Nord Ovest.
• La corrente marina diviene molto intensa con onde superiori al metro, quando richiede attenzione.

Beach/reefbreak lefts/rights - consistent - sandy/rocky bottoms - winds from east are offshore waves small/medium - all levels. These information contain statistic value only and are not intended to be interpreted for all sea conditions

Cordoama beach is an extensive stretch of sand protected by cliffs. Consistent peaks which are better with a small swell. Quite isolated with some rips and rocks to watch out for. Do not miss Cordoama viewpoint.

This long beach will have you foaming at the mouth. Cordoama picks up and holds up lots of swell all year round, and at times boasts the best sandbars in the Algarve. When it's too small everywhere else, go here. Long, long walling rights on one side and lefts on the other, it won't leave you hungry.

Informazioni extra

Praia do Cordoama is the most consistent surf spot in the Algarve region. It is a very open beach with stunning cliffs that greet the sand. In fact, one of the most popular beaches around with many people during the summer months. The waves can be exceptionally good with amazing peaks and when everywhere flat, Cordoama will deliver!


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