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Desaru & CeratingDesaru, Jason Bay Choppy to small waves with good wind. Shallow water for more than 200 meters. Tide is present, but not a factor. The beach is kilometers long and unpopulated in a gulf which also makes it very safe to kiteboard. Plenty of space to launch. Some trees to pay attention to, but in general comfortable launches and recoveries. The beach just south of the jetty and is a very long stretch all ride-able. Great weather all year around for kitesurfing with temperature ranging from 29-32C during the day and lows around 25C.

Cerating In dry season it is very flat and crystal blue. Tides are present though of no significance (you just have to walk more). In rainy season (December to March) you can get 6 feet waves (left ones) nicely and well structured coming in. Beach with high tide is not too wide, but enough. With low tide, very wide. White sand, clean and not too many people. Weather: always 30+C. No wetsuits are needed for kiteboarding.

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