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Arugam bay Point

How to get there

From Pottuvil town, take the road adjoining the Base Hospital and ask for directions. Basically you have to get to the coast line and then travel along the sand dunes for some two kilometers until you reach this point, where beached fishing boats can be seen.

This point is popular with surfers for its unique setting and location. A long deserted sandy beach ends with a large set of boulders that make it seem somewhat like a Martian landscape, especially in the late evenings.

Pottuvil is an epic break with a mechanically peeling waves over sand banks around a Byron/Pass-like point.A long deserted sandy beach dotted with some huge boulders at the water’s edge, make Pottuvil wave a favorite with some of the season veterans. Pottuvil point provides 800 meter rides from the outside section right through to the beach on the inside.The unique thing about the Pottuvil wave is that for most of it you can be working a four foot face and be only a few meters from the beach as the wave grinds down the sandy point. The outside section of Pottuvil break sucks up and throw’s out as the swell raps into the point giving a 30 meter wall to work with before it fades as it hits deeper water for about 10 seconds. The Pottuvil break wave then tends to double up as it hits a shallow sand bottom section that will have you hanging in there for all you worth just to try and make the next 40 to 80 meter section. Failure can leave you standing in knee deep water with a mouth full of sand if you manage not to get slammed into one of the boulder’s first.

Pottuvil Surf Break Facts and Figures

Surf spot quality

Wave quality – Regional Classic
Experience – Experienced
Frequency – Regular


Distance – 8 hrs from the main airport
Public access – Yes


Type – Point break

Direction – Right
Bottom – Sands
Power – High
Good day length – 400m


Rock – Yes
Urchins – No
Localism – No

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