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Arugam bay Okanda Point

A 45 minuti a Sud di Arugam Bay, troviamo l'ultima onda legalmente surfabile della zona. Point destro di alta qualita' con sezioni tubanti. Fondale di sabbia, adatto a tutti i livelli. La strada per raggiungere questo spot e' molto scenica.

Travel to Okanda Temple and from there, access the beach. The surf point is to your right some 200 meters along the cost.

This is another remote point, given its distance making it rarely visited. The point is highlighted by a large flat slab rock, with a crevice in the middle that attracts and spews out water, like a blow hole. A Long untouched stretch of beach is complemented by a lagoon, just beyond the sand dunes, from here; enjoy excellent views of the sunrise to the left and sunset to the right.

Okanda is a point break for regular surfers and it’s a 1.5 hr ride from the mainland of Arugam bay. There are about three line-ups here in Okanda where you can catch waves from. The last one is ideal for experienced surfers and the front two is for intermediate surfers. When it breaks at Okanda it can get very crowded. Check the Okanda point if the main point is 6ft or above. Also, watch out for the rock cliff that is just next to the wave when you rip. In 2012 April, an Australian surfer was lost when he knocked himself badly on the rocks. The beach in Okanda is ideal for sunbathing. Sunset surfing would be the real experience. Okanda is also an important stop for people from all over the country participating in the annual July Kataragama Pada Yatra pilgrimage.

Okanda Surf Break Facts and Figures

Surf spot quality

Wave quality – Regional classic
Experience – Experianced
Frequency – Medium


Distance – 8 hrs from the main airport
Public access – Yes


Type – Point break

Direction – Right
Bottom – Sand with rocks
Power – High
Good day length – 350m


Rock – Yes
Urchins – No
Localism – No


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