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Arugam bay Komari Lighthouse Point/ Green Point

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How to get there

Travel North from Pottuvil along the A4 passing Urani lagoon to your right, until you came to the Komari twin board. From here ask directions to the lighthouse, the point is located just there.

The Light House (T: 077-317-9594) is an organic farm and guesthouse located directly in front and offers comfortable accommodation.

Further North in Manachenai and Sangaman Kanda are said to be surf points, ask for directions and enjoy with care.

This surfing point is located along the coast of the Komari village, some ten kilometers North to Pottuvil. This beautiful beach/point is yet to see a peak in its popularity, but is nevertheless frequented by a handful of surfers. The beach stretch prior to the lighthouse is pristine and inviting. The drive to reach this point is also supremely beautiful with unending swathes of paddy fields of either side.

The name ‘Komari’ is said to have been bestowed upon this place after a strange incident when the King of Ruhuna, Kavantissa, who was searching for his princess, asking everyone ‘ko kumari’ or ‘where is my princess?’ lending itself how this name (Komarigama) came about.


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