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The fast and versatile board for a broad range of conditions: flat water, chop and wavesAccelerating Vee combined with a double concave bottom provides responsiveness with added grip and reactivity, added control and comfort, without compromising speed.Thin rails are softer in the nose for a smooth entry in jibes and sharper in the mid and back sections to enhance grip, control and drive in the turns.Everything is built around a fast rocker with a low nose angle to reduce drag, maximize control and top speed.A flat section between the mast track and front footstrap promotes early planing. Just the right amount of tail kick makes for responsive wave riding.Single or thruster.Comes with 2 x Starbox and one US box, as well as plugs to suit your fin set up.The new Starbox allows you to fit Slot Box fins in five seconds each, and remembers your last setting to get you on the water faster. It is also compatible with US box fins.Narrow nose on the bigger models helps to initiate the turns and reduce drag. Moderately wide outline provides stability and buoyancy in sub-planing conditions.Volume in the tail helps to keep speed out of jibes and turns.Pin tail design for a mix of speed, maneuverability and control.Set your footstraps in the inboard or outboard positions for wave or freeride.The Kode FreeWave is available in our new incredibly light UltraCore Carbon construction which makes it as light or lighter than anything else out there.Built in our exclusive UltraCore sandwich, reinforced with Omega stringers and what we call Smart Carbon: putting the carbon smartly in the right places for an optimized combination of stiffness, flex and feel.Source:  www.star-board-windsurfing.com



Nome:Kode FreeWave 103
Prezzo:euro 0,00
Fins 30
Fins Box StarBox, USB
Height (cm.) 65
Sail range 5.0 - 7.0
Volume (l.) 103
Weight (kg.) 6.70
Width (cm.) 234
Kode FreeWave 103
Kode FreeWave  103
AnnoModelloTargetFinsFins BoxHeight (cm.)Sail rangeVolume (l.)Weight (kg.)Width (cm.)Image
2017Kode FreeWave 86FreeWave 2 x 11 + 19 StarBox, USB 59 4.0 - 6.0 86 6.25 232 Kode FreeWave  86
2017Kode FreeWave 103FreeWave 30 StarBox, USB 65 5.0 - 7.0 103 6.70 234 Kode FreeWave  103
2017Kode FreeWave 81FreeWave 2 x 11 + 18 StarBox, USB 57.5 3.5 - 5.5 81 6.20 231 Kode FreeWave  81
2017Kode FreeWave 94FreeWave 28 StarBox, USB 61.5 4.5 - 6.5 94 6.45 234 Kode FreeWave  94
2017Kode FreeWave 109FreeWave 30 StarBox, USB 66.5 5.5 - 7.5 109 6.80 234 Kode FreeWave  109