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The Flare is the choice of reigning PWA Freestyle World Champions Kiri Thode and Sarah-Quita Offringa, developed by the world’s best freestyle team.The Flares are boards that pop air easily and respond to a rider’s move instantaneously. They are fast in acceleration and feel compact and light in sliding and aerial maneuvers.The Flare’s Carbon Reflex construction is very strong yet remain ultra-light, responsive, controllable and comfortable thanks to the flex and reflex characteristics. The design of the board also helps to push riders to go bigger every time while being forgiving enough to help them finish each move.The short length with the mast track moved back makes the Flare lift amazingly for aerial moves. The acceleration and planing ability is incredible due to the extra thick tail, hard-edge rails and a bottom shape that comes from Starboard’s racing iSonics. The inserts are positioned forward to accommodate a higher stance and the rider will feel stable and in control thanks to the flattened front deck. The Flare just goes with little work...The Flare comes with a unique and specific Drake Ready to Freestyle fin in the 81, 91 and 101 models.The 111 model comes with a Choco fin.Key Features(1) Flatter front deck on the 81, 91 and 101 for better grip and balance while the rider is not planing.(2) Fully round rails from 90 cm to 120 cm, increasing control in maneuvers.(3) Ultra-light Carbon REFLEX construction(4) Extra thick tail with increased volume allows for a higher stance while making the board more forgiving in combined intricate maneuvers. Exaggerated deck dome improves rider comfort, grip and control.(5) 7 x PWA World Champion with Kiri Thode and Sarah-Quita OffringaSource: www.star-board-windsurfing.com 

Nome:Flare ProKids (Technora) 81
Target:Freestyle (FS)
Prezzo:euro 0,00
Fins 16
Fins Box SLB
Height (cm.) 57.5
Sail range 2.5 - 5.5
Volume (l.) 81
Weight (kg.) 5.70
Width (cm.) 227
STARBOARD Flare ProKids (Technora) 81
STARBOARD Flare ProKids (Technora) 81
AnnoModelloTargetFinsFins BoxHeight (cm.)Sail rangeVolume (l.)Weight (kg.)Width (cm.)Image
2015Flare ProKids (Technora) 81Freestyle (FS)16SLB57.52.5 - 5.5815.70227STARBOARD Flare ProKids (Technora) 81