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The SMOOTHIE€™s soft handling characteristics provide performance in the lightest of winds, and will also make your first €¯windy day€¯ speed runs, harness hook-ins and gybes feel smooth and easy. The PVC window and all Dacron body panel construction will withstand those inevitable crashes common to early stage windsurfing. A versatile performer with incredible durability, the SMOOTHIE is all about learning and having FUN! KEY FEATURES - Incredibly durable and lightweight Dacron construction- PVC window- Four full length battens - Adjustable head cap- Bold colors - Over-sized "do it with style" - print Source: www.simmerstyle.com

Nome:Smoothie 4.0
Target:Beginners (BG)
Prezzo:euro 0,00
Battens 4
Boom +/- 1cm 167
Cams 0
Ideal Mast 370
Luff +/- 1cm 361
Sail top vario
Size - Misura 4.0
Weight (kg.) No data
SIMMER STYLE Smoothie 4.0
SIMMER STYLE Smoothie 4.0
AnnoModelloTargetBattensBoom +/- 1cmCamsIdeal MastIMCSLuff +/- 1cmSail topSize - MisuraWeight (kg.)Image
2012Smoothie 2.5Beginners (BG) 41460310No data268vario2.5No dataSIMMER STYLE Smoothie 2.5
2012Smoothie 4.0Beginners (BG) 4167037017361vario4.0No dataSIMMER STYLE Smoothie 4.0
2012Smoothie 5.0Beginners (BG) 4185040019400vario5.0No dataSIMMER STYLE Smoothie 5.0
2012Smoothie 6.0Beginners (BG) 4202043021430vario6.0No dataSIMMER STYLE Smoothie 6.0
2012Smoothie 3.5Beginners (BG) 4156037017334vario3.5No dataSIMMER STYLE Smoothie 3.5
2012Smoothie 4.5Beginners (BG) 4177037017381vario4.5No dataSIMMER STYLE Smoothie 4.5
2012Smoothie 5.5Beginners (BG) 4190040019429vario5.5No dataSIMMER STYLE Smoothie 5.5
2010Smoothie 5Beginners (BG) No dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data5No dataSIMMER STYLE Smoothie 5