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Spitfire 125 Formula (FW) 2006 [ Boards ]
Anno: 2006 Spitfire 125 [Formula (FW)]
Descrizione "Endless acceleration" Same principles of the X-fire line, with more volume and upwind potential. The new 2006 Spitfires have been oriented more to be small formula boards with lots of control and ease for speed both upwind and off the wind. The result of these principles has been 3 new shapes that incorporate burning accelerations typical of much smaller boards and low end performance of wide body racing boards. A great mix of speed, upwind and planing that has no matches in the market!
What to improve from 2005:
Better planing
More upwind performance
Better top end speed
Control in rough water

Design features:
The Spitfire have been greatly modified from 2005. The boards are all longer and a little wider. This allows the boards to be easier to use , with better control over the chops and especially get planing earlier and increase the upwind capacity. The Flat section of the scooprocker line has been moved a little forward. This feature in combination with the deep steps on the tail, allow earlier planing and at the same time increase the top speed potential. A slight double concave bottom creates a better stability when overpowered and creates a solid "tracking effect". The new MFC FINS line "LIQUID" has been a clear choice of top end speed and control over rough water. You can forget about the fin and just concentrate in planing and speeding all the time!

Our test team results:
Easier on the water than ever before. Going upwind is a pleasure for your legs and body! This comfort is reflected directly into more speed and acceleration potential. The boards feel very light on your feet, even if they are wider than last year. They feel more stable but more alive : they just want to accelerate forward at every little pumping action on your rig. The top end speed is also a big surprise! Upwind, the boards can match any formula board making a little wider angle with the wind, but just so much faster! Off the wind , the behaviour is stable and controllable, so that any wind change is greatly absorbed by the sailor. So much fun and spare speed to get any World Cup rider look a little surprised close to you…
Costruzione CHK
Fins Box: Tuttle
Fins material:
Fins number & size: Maui Fin 46 Spitfire
Fins range:
Fins recommended:
Larghezza - height (cm.): 70
Lunghezza - width (cm.): 250
Peso - weight (kg.): 6.6 =/- 6%
Prezzo - price (?):
Sail range: 6.5 - 8.0
Strap positions:
Straps (Back ) from tail (cm.):
Straps Dist. between (cm.):
Technology construction:
Volume (l.): 125
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