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Dakine History

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Rob Kaplan began manufacturing the Da Kine Leash in Haiku, Maui , Hawaii in 1979. Maui ’s reputation for great wave conditions is the catalyst for this location.

Dakine has been developing products for the top professionals in every board sport building a strong reputation for innovation and quality for over a quarter of a century. Dakine products are endorses by top surfers such as 3x World Champion Andy Irons, Bruce Irons and Ben Beurgeois.

In the surf market Dakine mainly produce surf accessories such as leashes, surf packs, travel bags, travel covers, traction pads, rash vests and tie downs, bodyboard bags and leashes. Dakine also have their own comprehensive range of Dakine branded hoodies, tee’s, pants, walkshorts and more for both guys and girls and make a solid range of top quality technical backpacks, bags and luggage for both guys and girls.

Dakine History

Rob Kaplan began manufacturing the Da Kine Leash in Haiku, Maui , Hawaii in 1979. Maui ’s reputation for great wave conditions is the catalyst for this location. The DAKINE surf leash is designed to withstand the rigorous Hawaiian conditions and sets DAKINE’s standard for innovative design and high quality. In Rob’s words, ‘it was the first leash that you could pull a car with!’ Whatever it could pull, it opened up previously unsurfed breaks around the world.

By 1980 Pro windsurfers ask Rob to help build footstraps for their new wave boards; he had the sewing machine! Ho’okipa became the international mecca for windsurfing’s top athletes and test site for DAKINE products. From 1981-1984 DAKINE definine themselves as the leading innovator in technical windsurfing accessories by developing the 1st adjustable footstrap, seat harness, and waist harness. Innovations like the Coffin board bag begin a tradition for globetrotting pros using DAKINE bags to get their gear safely to events, beaches and breaks around the world. By 1986 DAKINE opened its North American office, manufacturing facility, and warehouse in the outdoor recreation capital for North America - Hood River , Oregon. Besides being the center for mainland windsurfing, it has world class mountain biking, kayaking, kiteboarding, and hiking. It is also strategically positioned at the base of Mt. Hood where summer snowboard and ski camps are the gathering places for the world’s top professionals. Innovation through location.

Later on in 1989 DAKINE first commited themselves to the snowboard market with board accessories, board bags, and gear bags and became the world leader in this market over the next 15 years. From 1993 - 1998 DAKINE entered the winter glove business with three models. (Over 70 models today), introduced the Heli Pack, which creates the new category of minimalist technical backcountry day packs and the Heli Pro backpack which became the standard for technical daypacks and the sport’s best selling (and most copied) model.

1999 was another good year for DAKINE when they developed the Park Pack, its first skateboard specific backpack. The Park Pack’s innovation and durability prove to be the combination that leads to other great models like the Mike V. and Machnau packs. Diversifying in 2001 DAKINE developed its first line of kiteboard specific harnesses and accessories. The Fusion Harness quickly became DAKINE’s best selling harness surpassing all other models in the line.

Bringing you up to date, in 2004 DAKINE will celebrated its 25th Anniversary! Nowadays, DAKINE make innovative products for the surf, snowboard, windsurf, bike, skate and kite market.

Dakine Surfers

Andy Irons, Ben Beurgeois, Bruce Irons, Ian Walsh, Dean Randazzo, Jason Collins, Kalani Robb, Lisa ANderson, Pancho Sullivan, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Ryan Rawson, Shea Lopez, Sofia Mulanovich.

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Dakine History
Dakine History
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