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Arugam bay Whisky Point

Point destro molto mellow, adatto a principianti e intermedi. Fondo di sabbia e onde molto morbide, perfette per la surf school.

Travel North from Pottuvil along the A4 and at the Urani Lagoon Bridge make a right turn towards the coast. Follow this dirt road and some two kilometres later you will arrive at Sababa. The Whiskey Surfing Point is just in front, on the right. Ask for directions if you get lost, this is a very popular place.

Whiskey Point came into popularity less than five years ago. Today this is probably the most frequented surf point, after the Arugam Bay Main Point. Whiskey point is set on a wide beach with a set of boulders at its bend, providing ideal conditions for surfers of all abilities.

Sababa, is a bar and café that offers a place to laze the day, chill out or simply sit back and observe other surfers in the water. This two tiered venue also hosts beach parties, during the season, each Friday night, with music and dancing till dawn. A lagoon tour service also operates beside the Urani Lagoon Bridge and especially closer to sunset is an amazing experience with plenty of bird and other wildlife on display.


Whiskey Point Surf Location, aka Komare, tucked in behind Pottuvil town, is a beginners/intermediate wave in Arugam bay that peels off the rocks. Non-surfers who visit the bay would come to Whiskey Point for practicing after their initial surf lessons at the baby point. The water will look turquoise–warm, and inviting and mostly what you will get is chest high sets with odd bigger ones.You can paddle out in the channel right besides the rocks. Whiskey point is one of the points in Arugam bay that could work well even if the main point is flat. So there is no wonder that this is local’s second favorite point.

Whiskey Point Surf Break Facts and Figures

Surf spot quality

Wave quality – Regional Classic
Experience – Beginners and intermediate
Frequency – High


Distance – 8 hrs from the main airport
Public access – Yes


Type – Point break

Direction – Right
Bottom – Sand
Power – Medium
Good day length – 300m


Rock – No
Urchins – No
Localism – No


Consigli di viaggio

Sri lanka in estate significa soltanto Arugam Bay, in paradiso dei principianti. 
Ad agosto tanta gente, conviene spostarsi in spots meno affollati. Occhio ai coccodrilli nelle lagune a ridosso del mare, fuori dall'acqua hanno paura ma dentro attaccano. E soprattutto state alla larga dagli elefanti.

Arugam Bay è una world calss wave, adatta a tutti, dai principianti ai professionisti. La zona è disseminata di points destri, alcuni ancora secret spots. Ci sono reef break, break point e beach breaks, immersi nella natura selvaggia e nei parchi naturali della zona. La costa sud est dello Sri Lanka viene colpita dalle stesse swells che si abbattano sulle coste Indonesiane, la stagione più consistente, con swell da SW è durante Apr-Ott. Aspettatevi onde da 2-6ft con venti offsore regolari e condizioni pulite. Le temperature dell'acqua sono 27c / 82F tutto l'anno, quindi sempre in boardshort!

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