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Descrizione:gnisvaerd is located 1 km north of Gnisvard near a Bay called Paviken, 23 km south-west of Visby, Sweden. At gnisvaerd you will find the 4th best kitesurf weather conditions of all 4 Kitesurf Spots around Visby with wind-speeds of 16-18kt on 47 Kitesurf Days per year. Read more on when to go to gnisvaerd to maximize kitesurf fun or click on picture below to check out what's around gnisvaerd. [ MODIFICA / AGGIUNGI ]
Come arrivarci:gnisvaerd is a Kitesurf Spot Sweden. It's located about 23 km south-west of its next Kitesurf Hub Visby, closest of its 25 Neighborhoods are Gnisvard in the west (1km), Blahall in the north (4km) and Eskelhem in the east (5km). gnisvaerd is surrounded by six watersides, nearest of which are a Bay called Paviken in the south (6km), a Island called Svaltholmen in the south (7km), a Island called Utholmen in the south (7km) and a Bay called Koviken in the south (9km). Nearest Airport to gnisvaerd is Visby (VBY) in Visby, which is 23 km north-east. Go to Airport Visby (VBY) in Visby, head west toward Lilla Hästnäskviar. After 400 m turn left onto Route 149, then go 2.4 km and at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Kung Magnus väg. After 700 m Kung Magnus väg turns slightly left and becomes Jägargatan, then go 200 m and turn right onto Norra Hansegatan. After 200 m continue onto Solbergagatan/Route 140. Continue to follow Route 140. Go through 2 roundabouts, then go 18.3 km and turn right onto Gnisvärdsvägen. After 2.4 km turn left. Map data ©2012 Google [ MODIFICA / AGGIUNGI ]
Periodo migliore:If you're planning a kitesurf trip to gnisvaerd, you should pick your traveldates with care. You will find not a single month with acceptable kitesurf conditions on every or every second day at gnisvaerd.To maximize the number of kitesurf days at gnisvaerd, your best bet is to book your flights to Visby (VBY) between July and September, when you will find gnisvaerd's kitesurf weather at its best: 9-15 days with wind-speeds of 14-18kt from western directions. Average daily highs will be found between 15 and 18°C beneath cloudy skies at gnisvaerd in these months. Travellers heavily focussed on kitesurfing will agree that gnisvaerd is no good kitesurf destination the rest of the year: no to 5 Kitsurf days with average wind-speeds of 10-22kt from south-western directions can be expected at that time at gnisvaerd. Average daily highs will be found around 2 and 14°C beneath cloudy skies at gnisvaerd in these months. [ MODIFICA / AGGIUNGI ]
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Ricettivita':Around gnisvaerd you will find no Kitesurf Shops, no Kitesurf Schools and another two Kitesurf Spots. If you are kitesurfing at gnisvaerd you maybe also want to check out Visby Beach at Kronoviken (17km north-east), Boda Bay Beach at Bodahamn (69km west), at (km ) and at (km ) or any other of the 2 kitesurf spots around gnisvaerd. [ MODIFICA / AGGIUNGI ]
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