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Fluid Kiteboarding
Importatore ufficiale: Australian Kiteboarding & Sportswear Fax :+39 06 4340 9332
ATV 7 Free (ala) 2009 [ Ali ]
Anno: 2009 ATV 7 [Free (ala)]
Descrizione ATV 09 - Overview
Designed with high performance and versatility in mind the ATV is the kite which can be used in the surf / as a mad freestyler / for the beginner making the ATV a kite you wont outgrow. The feeling of the ATV is fast, responsive, light pressure, easy handling. It is a kite you will feel comfortable on straight away. Using the two adjustable bridle points on the leading edge for the bridle and three on the wingtip for the direct back line connection you can control the way you want your ATV to perform by increasing the turning speed or giving the ATV a wider turning circle perfect for kite loops. The ATV leading edge is larger then normal allow for a more ridged structure. Due to the bridle design we have been able to keep the upwind performance while giving the rider a grunty feel if you desire it for unhooked tricks. Re-launching the ATV has never been easier. After crashing is slowly taxies to te edge of the wind and waits on the water sitting on its wingtip until you are ready to re-launch.

C shaped arc
Increased durability
Large leading edge / ridged structure
Wide dacron trailing edge
Reinforced strut ends
Quality stitching
Scuff guards
Inflation/deflation valve
Single inflation system
Freestyle or wave / freeride adjustments
Direct adjustable back line (freestyle / freeride / wave)

Designers words
ATV is design to be a light and strong kite. The ATV is more rigid in the air and has more reactivity. By integrating a new canopy shape from aerodynamic research and by minimizing the bridles, we reduced drag and increased performance, speed and turn ability. ATV is design to be easy to handle. With all the trimming attachments on the bridles you can tune the ATV for your style. You trim the ATV by moving the back lines and front bridle point to choose what you want to do: free-ride, wave riding, or wake style and freestyle. ATV is very stable and re-launches with ease, you release the bar and the kite falls onto its wing tip waiting for you to re-launch it. The bar feeling is direct and gives accurate kite control. With the integrated bridles system (2 pulleys each side), the de-power is extremely efficient on the freeride/wave settings and has good depower on the freestyle setting. The ATV can take you really high when boosting plenty of hang time as the high performance profile creates a very good glide ratio. The ATV is the highest performance kite I have design, I am sure you will be enjoy riding it and push your limits with it. Everything is easy with the ATV
Aspect ratio:
Prezzo - price (?):
Surface: 7m
ws/knts: 23-35
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