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Contra 19.5 Free (ala) 2005 [ Ali ]
Anno: 2005 Contra 19.5 [Free (ala)]
Descrizione The all new CONTRA with Pro Span introduces a new breakthrough in performance light wind kiteboarding. In a departure from the traditional arc design of an inflatable kite, the Contra implements our Pro Span arc design to produce the power equivalent of a kite that is 2-3 square meters larger in size. Targeting the light wind threshold of 5-10 knots, the Contra was developed specifically to produce power and true light wind performance when you need it the most. Limited to three sizes, 16.5, 19.5, and 23.5 square meters, our combination of Pro Span™ arc design, reduced diameter leading edge, new profiles, and Span Limiter™ bridle produce a light wind performance kite that sets a new standard in kite design. The benefits to you are huge: A lighter, faster turning, faster flying kite with the same power as one which is approximately a full size larger.
Costruzione Features (Additional Kite Technologies)
High Aspect Ratio
Recon Equipped
Powerlock Equipped
High Performance (High Lift Design)
Ultralight .08mm TPU Bladder Material
Continuous Curve Leading Edge Construction
Tetoron Struts, Wingtips, and Trailing Edge
True Match 3D Struts
Full Contact Strut Connection

Polyester Woven Rip Stop Canopy Material
Ultralight Dura-Grid™ Leading Edge
Neoprene Seam Protectors
TPU Skid Patches
Aspect ratio: High Aspect Ratio
Bar: Powerlock Carbon
Prezzo - price (?):
Surface: 19.5 sq meter 58
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