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Winner of the GKF Epic Easter undraising Raffle

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The Global Kiter Foundation (GKF) have announced the winner of their ‘Epic Easter' fund raising raffle to win a brand new kite for Easter.

Congratulations to Gregory Watts from Virginia, in the USA. who is the lucky new owner of a fantastic 9m Screamer from Epic Kites.

Gregory says: "I first heard about this raffle about a month ago and instantly bought some tickets. I got a reminder late last night stating this is the last day for entries before announcing a winner. I then bought 25 more hoping I would get lucky. Low and behold, I WON! I never win anything, EVER! So to actually win something that I dream and fantasize about everyday at work is truly amazing! Thank you so much!"

Epic Kites kindly teamed up with GKF for this special fundraising raffle. Through their in-kind donation of a complete 9m Screamer kite, GKF's 1 euro for 1 kite contest ran for 6 weeks. Each ticket gave participants a chance to win the kite, while all the proceeds went directly to supporting the work of the Foundation.

Global Kiter Foundation Epic Easter Raffle | Image: Gustav Schmiege

The winner was picked at random from the many participants from around the world in a draw carried out on Monday March 26th at 4pm (GMT).

Thanks to Epic Kites' donation, 100% of proceeds from this fundraising raffle go to support GKF's ongoing work including kiting workshops for people with physical disabilities and youth training programs.

GKF co-founder Sandrine Roussos Werner says: "We would like to thank everyone involved in supporting this great campaign. We are delighted that Gregory is going to have a lot of great times on the Epic Screamer. Good winds to you!".

The Global Kiter Foundation is a non-profit Foundation that improves environmental awareness, creates community engagement and offers comprehensive education using kiteboarding as the unique connection point for people with physical disabilities and underprivileged youth.

The global winds of change have finally arrived! Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Winner of the GKF Epic Easter undraising Raffle
Winner of the GKF Epic Easter undraising Raffle
Winner of the GKF Epic Easter undraising Raffle
Winner of the GKF Epic Easter undraising Raffle
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