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ProKiteTour: PKRA Announces New Team Members for 2012

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Upon recently announcing the tour schedule for the 2012 season, the PKRA proudly welcomes two new members to the team, Dave Tyburski and Jacqueline Lage, setting the stage for an exhilarating and exciting year ahead. As such, the PKRA looks forward to action-packed live broadcast feeds from nearly every stop around the world and a continued focus on delivering the latest news and happenings from each competition location and beyond. 

Industry veteran and trailblazer as well as former PKRA competitor and judge, Dave Tyburski, will take on the role of commentator for the 2012 World Tour. With many years spent with the PKRA, breaking down each and every move executed, Tyburski stands out as the ultimate choice for commentator, as his experience encompasses all areas of the sport, including freestyle, wave, and race disciplines. His deep understanding of kiteboarding - past, present, and future - will also lend well to the live broadcast experience.  Excited to contribute to the improved online spectator experience, Dave hopes to successfully convey the exhilaration of each event, allowing the online viewer to be part of the action.

New to the PKRA but well versed in all things “kite”, Jacqueline Lage retains expertise in social media management, content production, editing, and public relations. In past years, her writing has been featured in Kiteboarding Magazine, kite product catalogs, SBC Kiteboard Magazine, and numerous other publications. Her work as a social media consultant and online reputation strategist also defines her proficiency in the online world.  Thrilled to join the PKRA as acting Publicist - Press Secretary, Jacqueline looks forward to collaborating with an already stellar media team and integrating new strategies for the upcoming year.


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ProKiteTour PKRA Announces New Team Members for 2012
ProKiteTour PKRA Announces New Team Members for 2012
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