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Starboard\'s fastest growing board range: the Flare. As a result of the intensive R&D program initiated two years ago, the 2009 Flares quickly became the new kings of freestyle and have won every magazine freestyle test the last season.For 2010 come three all-new shapes developed by Starboard\'s full freestyle team: Sven Akerboom, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Taty Frans, Kiri Thode and PWA Champion Sarah-Quita Offringa.New rockerlinesThe Flare 88, 98 and 106 have a new rockerline that are evolutions over the DFC rockers (Dual Flat Concept). Derived from the Kodes, these new rockerlines have 3mm more kick and a smoother flat to flat transition, giving more pop with a more lively ride and a quicker response to the riders input.Any other shape changes?The Flare 98 also has its nose vee reduced to improve on rotational slides and a finbox positioned further back.The Flare 88 gains some extra tail volume with heel gutters that are shallower: more float with more forgiveness to finish off moves and more tolerance to different feet sizes. The nose has been thinned down to minimize the board\'s moment of inertia and increase the board\'s responsiveness. With the thinner nose, the board\'s centre of gravity shifts back, closer to the rider\'s feet, for a more natural balance. The fin box is also positioned further back.Other featuresStarboard\'s trademark freestyle feature remains the heel gutters. They provide an exaggerated deck dome for more comfort and more grip. The tail shapes of all Flares pack some extra volume for more float and tolerance during reverse and sliding transitions. The back footstraps use four screws instead of the conventional two screws for extra strength and a mechanically twist-free function.ProKids FlaresThe ProKids Flare 60 and 72 shapes continue unchanged for 2010. Since 2006, these two models have brought with them a whole new generation of young windsurfers that today have begun to take over the top places of freestyle. Many thanks and congratulations to Sarah-Quita, Kiri Thode, Amado Vrieswijk; and good luck to Bjorn Saragoza for his first year on the PWA tour this season.WoodCarbonOne of the key ingredients to the Flare\'s success has undoubtedly been the unique WoodCarbon technology. It is the first board construction in the World to utilize an ultralight, pure unidirectional carbon fibre that is flat-weaved for total mechanical efficiency. The unidirectional flat-weave fibre generates equal tensile strength as biaxial or woven carbon fibre, yet at half the specific weight. A layer of 0.6mm Australian pine wood runs along the spine of the board to provide rigidity, additional structural integrity and to increase strength in the most critical areas of the board.Why does Starboard supply the Crossover fins with the Flares?Freestyle, like wave sailing and slalom racing, is very sensitive to fin selection. Advanced riders and professional riders know exactly the fin they like, and they will be very specific about the style and size they want. They often also have their own quiver of fins. The stock fins supplied with the boards were therefore selected for the average rider in mind: planing performance, speed, grip and maneuverability become the key parameters.

Nome:Flare 88
Target:Freestyle (FS)
Prezzo:euro 1,749,00
Fins 24
Fins Box USB
Height (cm.) 60
Sail range 4,5 - 6,0
Volume (l.) 88
Weight (kg.) 5,75
Width (cm.) 239
AnnoModelloTargetFinsFins BoxHeight (cm.)Sail rangeVolume (l.)Weight (kg.)Width (cm.)Image
2017Flare 81Freestyle (FS) 17 USB 57.5 2.5 - 5.5 81 5.70 227 Flare  81
2017Flare 103Freestyle (FS) 19 USB 65 5.0 - 6.8 103 6.40 224 Flare  103
2017Flare 93Freestyle (FS) 18 USB 62 4.5 - 6.0 93 6.15 228 Flare  93
2016Flare 111Freestyle (FS)22PB665.2 - 7.01116.9235STARBOARD Flare 111
2016Flare 111Freestyle (FS)22PB665.2 - 7.01116.9235STARBOARD Flare 111
2016Flare 81Freestyle (FS)16PB57.52.5 - 5.5816.1227STARBOARD Flare 81
2016Flare 81Freestyle (FS)16PB57.52.5 - 5.5816.1227STARBOARD Flare 81
2016Flare 103Freestyle (FS)18PB655.0 - 6.81036.9224STARBOARD Flare 103
2016Flare 103Freestyle (FS)18PB655.0 - 6.81036.9224STARBOARD Flare 103
2016Flare Technora 81Freestyle (FS)16PB57.52.5 - 5.5815.7227STARBOARD Flare Technora 81
2016Flare Technora 81Freestyle (FS)16PB57.52.5 - 5.5815.7227STARBOARD Flare Technora 81
2016Flare 93Freestyle (FS)17PB624.5 - 6.0936.7228STARBOARD Flare 93
2016Flare 93Freestyle (FS)17PB624.5 - 6.0936.7228STARBOARD Flare 93
2015Flare 81Freestyle (FS)16SLB57.52.5 - 5.5816.00227STARBOARD Flare 81
2015Flare 101Freestyle (FS)18SLB625.0 - 6.81016.70227STARBOARD Flare 101
2015Flare ProKids (Technora) 81Freestyle (FS)16SLB57.52.5 - 5.5815.70227STARBOARD Flare ProKids (Technora) 81
2015Flare 91Freestyle (FS)17SLB59.54.5 - 6.0916.40230STARBOARD Flare 91
2015Flare 111Freestyle (FS)22SLB665.2 - 7.01117.00235STARBOARD Flare 111
2014Flare 81Freestyle (FS)16SLB57.52.5 - 5.5815.55227STARBOARD Flare 81
2014Flare 101Freestyle (FS)18SLB625.0 - 6.81016.18227STARBOARD Flare 101
2014Flare 91Freestyle (FS)17SLB59.54.5 - 6.0915.55230STARBOARD Flare 91
2014Flare 111Freestyle (FS)22SLB665.2 - 7.01116.50235STARBOARD Flare 111
2013Flare (Carbon) 101Freestyle (FS)20SLB62.55.0 - 6.81016.25231STARBOARD Flare (Carbon) 101
2013Flare (Carbon) 116Freestyle (FS)22SLB685.5 - 7.31166.9242STARBOARD Flare (Carbon) 116
2013Flare (Carbon) 91Freestyle (FS)18SLB594.5 - 6.0916.00228STARBOARD Flare (Carbon) 91
2013Flare (Carbon) 111Freestyle (FS)22SLB665.2 - 7.01116.64235STARBOARD Flare (Carbon) 111
2012Flare 111Freestyle (FS)19.5SLB66.05.2 - 7.01116.69235STARBOARD Flare 111
2012Flare 116Freestyle (FS)19.5SLB70.05.5 - 7.31166.9242STARBOARD Flare 116
2012Flare 101Freestyle (FS)18.5SLB62.55.0 - 6.81016.21231STARBOARD Flare 101
2012Flare 91Freestyle (FS)16.5SLB59.04.5 - 6.0916.13228STARBOARD Flare 91
2011Flare 106 (WoodCarbon) 106Freestyle (FS)26USB655,2 - 7,01066,70239STARBOARD Flare 106 (WoodCarbon) 106
2011Flare 88 (WoodCarbon) 87Freestyle (FS)22USB604,5 - 6,0876,00239STARBOARD Flare 88 (WoodCarbon) 87
2011Flare 88 (Wood) 87Freestyle (FS)22USB604,5 - 6,0876,34239STARBOARD Flare 88 (Wood) 87
2011Flare 98 (Wood) 98Freestyle (FS)24USB62,54,5 - 6,0986,93237STARBOARD Flare 98 (Wood) 98
2011Flare 106 (Wood) 106Freestyle (FS)26USB655,2 - 7,01067,15239STARBOARD Flare 106 (Wood) 106
2011Flare 88 (Wood) 87Freestyle (FS)22USB604,5 - 6,0876,34239STARBOARD Flare 88 (Wood) 87
2011Flare 98 (WoodCarbon) 98Freestyle (FS)24USB62,54,5 - 6,0986,45237STARBOARD Flare 98 (WoodCarbon) 98
2010Flare (Wood) 88Freestyle (FS)24USB604,5 - 6,0886,34239STARBOARD Flare (Wood) 88
2010Flare 106Freestyle (FS)28USB655,2 - 7,51066,24239STARBOARD Flare 106
2010Flare 88Freestyle (FS)24USB604,5 - 6,0885,75239STARBOARD Flare 88
2010Flare (Wood) 98Freestyle (FS)28USB635,0 - 7,0986,93238STARBOARD Flare (Wood) 98
2010Flare 98Freestyle (FS)28USB635,0 - 7,0986,11238STARBOARD Flare 98
2010Flare (Wood) 106Freestyle (FS)28USB655,2 - 7,51067,15239STARBOARD Flare (Wood) 106